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Dawson Red


Medium-bodied garnet red wine aged in oak with fruit forward character of berries. A complex nose of red berry, tobacco and a slight floral hint. Just the right amount of sweetness balances with the fruit and oak characters. Pairs well with beef or pork & chocolate kisses.


Made of:

72% Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 from Dusty Evans Sprayberry Vineyard, Midland, TX

28% Merlot 2012 from Paso Robles, CA


Inspired by the


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Silver - 2014 Houston Livtock Show & Rodeo

Roxy White


Crisp, medium-bodied, unoaked white wine blend with a nice floral nose and characters of peach and lemon. Pairs well with sweet sauces, lighter meats and fish.

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Sweet Moscato 


A nice sweet Muscat style wine with a very slight bubbly effervescence to enhance your tasting pleasure. A great wine for sip-ping on a warm summer evening.

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Humingbird Rosé


A field of flowers in every bottle. Perfect for an evening of porch-sitting with cheese, fruit and veggies. It can even be served on ice.

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