"At Lane Boots, our motto is ‘change your boots, change your life.’  Yes, we are known as a fashion forward boot company that brings unique styles and current trends to the western boot market.  However, what we really are is a collection of individuals who just love boots. We know that every time you put on a pair of our boots, they will make you feel special."


Boot lovers at Lane Boots and wine lovers at Lost Oak Winery teamed up, to bring you a wine you will love, named after a boot you will love too!


Texas wine made wtih Texas sole!

Dawson Red


Inspired by the Dawson boot.


Chocolate fleur-de-lis overlay detail mixed with washed –out turquoise gives these boots an old west flair.



Willow White


Inspired by the Willow boot.


Sip the night away in the whimsicle Willow.  Subtle tonal embroidery with crystals combine to make sure that this new classic recieves lots of attention.


Roxy White


Inspired by the Roxy boot.


Red Roses and skulls make these boots not for the faint of heart. Funky and fun, the Roxy adds a lot of spice with a splash of nice to any ward-robe


Sweet Moscato 


Inspired by the Damask boot.


Classic meets western.  Burnished chocolate leather provides a sumptuous back-drop for a beautiful tur-quoise inlay that makes this style anything but ordinary.

Humingbird Rosé


Inspired by the Hummingbird boot.


Nature and art combine with bold color to make these boots a work of art. Splashes of color and beautiful detail are guaran-teed to get you noticed.